Top 10 Reasons a Hospital Stay Can make us Sicker

It is very obvious thing whenever anyone from our family, friends or our-self become sick we always going for checkup in private clinic or any hospital for proper treatment. But the fact is whenever we are going any hospital for checkup, possible some time doctor suggest us to stay in hospital for more observation or disease is horrible then defiantly they are asking us to stay in hospital for some days. However there is a chance that, we will get more worst as a being hospitalized. In this article we tried to share most 10 reason to become sicker of we stay in hospital Below list will explain you the Current Health care issues,Broken Healthcare system and Top 10 Reasons a Hospital Stay Can make us Sicker.

 Our Healthcare system today

Below list will explain the current care system and their issues main reasons of why people become sicker while staying in hospital.

10-Post Hospital Syndrome

Research conducted in 2009 by Dr.Harlan from Yale School of Medicine they identify the term Post Hospital Syndrome, in which patients are vulnerable to an illness to stay in hospital. This required their readmission within 30 days of their initial discharge. It’s all because of less sleep, less nutrition, less exercise and depression due to all many patients become sicker when they are staying in hospital.

9-Hospital Food

Food is most important thing in our lives because of food we can manage our health but in this case many time Hospital food is big cause of illness if you admit in hospital for any reason.  A Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority conduct one study in between 2009 to 2014 and they found Hospital staff committed 285 errors in patient food meal. Because in hospital food is not appropriate for every patient. Due to that many peoples can sicker while staying in hospital.

8-Food Denial

Due to any reason if anyone is staying in hospital possible Hospital Medical staff are asking peoples to avoid food, nutritious and sleep. This happen mostly in patients surgery cases.  Possible due to all this patient immune system may disturb and may be it can effect more to his/her health.


It’s really a big problem in hospital because in hospital many peoples are coming with different kind of disease due to that it can be effect other peoples either its patients or visitors. It’s all because of germs, bacteria, Fungi and virus.  This one is the big reason if you staying long in hospital may be you will be sicker.

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6-Poor Care of Elderly Patients

This is one is also big issue, maximum hospital doesn’t have separate care treatment for elder patients. As a result, many of them leave the hospital in different physical shape with psychologically issues. Older peoples need much care then ordinary patients in sense of exercise food and proper care.  Now in many hospital it’s started to take care older patients separate treatment in separate units.

5-Reduce Care

Mostly care issue we will found in public hospitals means government hospitals where people using their insurance. According to search report many sectors in USA its happening according to survey from different different hospitals this thing came to know that peoples are suffering in sense of care. Because in such area management is looking for earning not for proper care.

4-Poor Hygiene Staff

One more and very sensible reason is hygiene staff. Most of time hospital staff including doctor doesn’t care about hygiene. They not taking care or washing hands properly or not wearing medical mask or gloves after checking other patients or after operating medical machinery. Due to that germs are spreading in all area and people may suffer due to all this.

3-Missing and Malfunctioning Equipment

Due to lack of proper maintenance of medical and other equipment many people suffered including hospital staff as well.

2-Sick Doctors

Even though doctors habitually feel required to work while sick, they put their patients with weakened immune systems at risk of infection. In a survey of health care providers (including 280 doctors) at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, 83 percent admitted to working while sick at least once during the past year. Their symptoms included diarrhea, fever, and cold or flu symptoms. These health-care providers worked while sick because they didn’t want to let their colleagues or patients down.

1-Serious awkward Incidents

Serious awkward incidents (SAIs) can bother, injure, or kill patients. SAIs include patients harming themselves by falling from heights, doctors failing to act according to test results and causing a need for further treatment, staff calling female patients for breast screenings due to faulty equipment, and dentists extracting the wrong teeth.

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Top 10 Reasons a Hospital Stay Can make us Sicker
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