Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai! City of adventure, City of opportunities, City of business, City of buildings, City of multicultural peoples, City of freedom, City of modernization, City of technology, City of peace and many more. It’s located in the southern Persian Gulf which is very developed and sophisticated city of UAE (United Arab Emirates) , There are  in many tourist places in Dubai where once in life have to visit. Dubai attraction!  Means in the world every day un-countable peoples are coming to Dubai as a visit or to find the best opportunity. In this article we tried to post the top 10 interesting facts about Dubai.

Dubai Attractions

10-Ski Dubai

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

Ski Dubai! Dubai have honor to introduce the first ski resort in Middle East. Its located in Mall of Emirates in Dubai UAE. In Ski Dubai you can enjoy the winter J even in hot weather climate J and you can enjoy with skiing, Snowboaridng, Tobogging. You will find many tourist places in Dubai but this one is amazing if you visit Dubai must go there.

9-Dubai Palm

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai Palm! There are many wondering places like above we mention you will find many tourist places in Dubai But one of the wonderful and amazing place in Dubai is Dubai Palm. It’s also known as Palm Jumeirah, The Palm consists of a tree trunk, a crown with 16 palm leaf.

8-Burj Khalifa

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

Burj Khalifa! The beauty of Dubai, tallest wonder of the world, Dubai attractions for peoples. The height of Burj Khalifa is 2722 feet its located in downtown area of Dubai. Inside the Burj Khalifa there are many restaurants, Walking area, mosque and many interesting things you will found specially you will enjoy the Dubai waterfall which is located in between of Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa .

7-Dubai Police Cars

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

One more interesting and amazing fact which sounds good is Dubai Police force and their cars J .Dubai Police recently acquired a few luxury and high performance vehicles like Lamborghini, Ferrari FF, Chevrolet camaro SS, Mercedes Benz  SLS AMG, BMW , Bugatti and many mores. Due to happiness of their force dubai is having very less crime rate.


Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

According to recent studies, In Dubai only 10 to 15 % are emirates and 85% are foreigners mostly from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

5-Developed City:

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

Development comes step by step! It’s already written now in history with hard work, Passion and proper vision Dubai change the desert city to in to the  forest of big buildings. Now the whole world want to come in Dubai with many reasons like for business, finding the opportunity and most importantly now a day’s many tourists are coming to visit the beauty of dubai. Dubai attractions make people crazy with their tourist places in dubai.

4-Tallest Building Structures

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

If you trying to Google the Dubai, You will find the tallest buildings in Dubai not only Burj Khalifa there are lot of big and stunning buildings. Dubai is filled with malls, tallest hotels, largest man-made marina and the biggest aquarium. Due to all these reason dubai attractions make crazy to tourists and millions of peoples are coming Dubai every year.

3-Huge Cranes System

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

As above we mentioned, Dubai is having tallest building structure to build up the buildings many heavy machinery are required such as cranes. You will see cranes wherever you go in any part of Dubai. As per recent study! World 20 to 25% cranes are located in Dubai due to Dubai real estate business.

2-Gold Trade

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

As mentioned earlier, Dubai is business hub many people are doing trading business in Dubai. The most important trade is gold in Dubai. As per recent studies in 2013 to 2016 gold traded in Dubai was 70$ billion.

1-Climate Control City

Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai

Day by day, Time by time Dubai attractions makes the people crazy. Now Dubai is planning to develop a city in which they will control the climate. According to recent study this climate controlled city will be 4.45 sq kilo-meters and will be air conditioner.

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Top 10 interesting facts about Dubai
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