Top 10 incredible Health Benefits of an Egg

In all over the world people are using Eggs mostly in breakfast. There are many ways to cook the eggs with amazing taste. Everyone likes to eat eggs but many people don’t know exactly incredible and amazing health benefits of eggs. In this article we try to cover Top 10 incredible Health Benefits of an Egg.   God gave nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the eggs which are essential for a healthy body.

1- Reduces Your Risk of Breast Cancer

 Reduces Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Eggs are very rich in the nutrient. According to research Peoples who using eggs on daily basis are having less chances to become breast cancer patients because of nutrient choline.

2- Promotes Good Eyesight

Promotes Good Eyesight

Eggs are good source of the antioxidants zeaxanthin and lutein. These two antioxidants are very helpful to beat off cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, promoting you a crystal clear vision and lessening your threat for blindness.

3-Helps You Lose Weight

Egg Helps You Lose Weight

Eggs are very good God given food which will helps you for losing the weight. Many Gym people/Athletes are using eggs for stamina and workout to maintain the weight with power.

4-Egg Helps You to Control Blood Cholesterol

Egg Helps You to Control Blood Cholesterol

Since many years, a lot of misconception was recognized to egg. One of the most mistaken viewpoint is that it has high cholesterol content which can lead to coronary heart disease. But this false thought was contradicted by numerous reliable researches. Remember, high-fat foods have a worse impact on your cardiovascular health than cholesterol

5-Eggs Makes Your Brain Healthy

Eggs Makes Your Brain Healthy

Choline found in egg is a nutrient which will help you to make your brain healthy and great memory.

6-Eggs Protect Your Bones

We all know Sun light is great blessing from God and one of blessing is Vitamin D which is very effective for human Bones. But also egg contains Vitamin D which is significant for the saturation of calcium and maintenance of your bone health.

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7-Eggs Promotes Healthy Hair and Nails

Eggs Promotes Healthy Hair and Nails

Egg which is high in sulfur-containing amino acids, zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12 can develop healthy hair and nails.

8-Rich in Omega-3

Rich in Omega-3

We can say eggs are alternative for fish. If you cannot eat fish most of the time, try egg as a substitute instead for the reason that egg is rich in omega-3 which is good for your heart.

9-Rich in Heme Iron

Rich in Heme Iron

Egg is loaded with iron specifically the heme iron. Iron is responsible for transporting and storing oxygen and takes part of the formation of red blood cells’ hemoglobin and muscle’s myoglobin. Iron is also elementary for energy production and the maintenance of the immune system. So, to prevent iron deficiency which can direct to anemia, you must eat egg in a moderate volume.

10-Eggs Provides the Best Quality Protein

Protein is important in a human body because they are responsible for building new tissues and repairing old tissues. The main and best quality of protein is found in an egg than the milk, fish and red meat. Egg is the best source of these nine amino acids.

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