Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Pakistan!  The Country of love, Peace, Beauty either in places or in peoples .Whatever world and media showing the image of Pakistan I suggest to all people to meet Pakistani people visit Pakistan check the ground reality of Pakistan and check the thinking of Pakistani people then world will come to know the beauty of Pakistani peoples, real heart of Pakistani people with loving and caring nature. Pakistan has lot of heroes (Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan will be explain in this article)

In many areas of sports, Education, industries that played a very well role in Pakistan as well as in the other countries of the world.

Pakistan became a nation/country in 14 Aug 1947 many of our important personalities and heroes were involved in Pakistani movement to make the Islamic republic country. In this article we tried to share the heroes and important personalities of Pakistan who make this country and some of them still doing their best to make Pakistan progressive nation, loving and caring nation in the world.

1-Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

The leader of movement of Pakistan, The Founder of Pakistan, The Father of Pakistani Nation, The best politician, The best lawyer and First Governor general of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born in Karachi (25 December 1876). With his thoughts, Intelligence, hard work and passion one country and nation in world map with the name of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

2-Doctor Allama Iqbal

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Sir Muhammad Iqbal known as Allama Iqbal, born at Sialkot in 8 November 1877. Iqbal was the great poet, philosopher, barrister, Scholar and politician in British India who was widely regarded inspiration of Pakistan movement. Iqbal saw the dream for separate country where Muslims can live with Islamic way because when movement of independence was going on from British occupied India. That time many Muslim leaders felt that now we are under British but due to some circumstances and incidents Muslims of British India were thinking to have separate country for Muslim where Muslims can do whatever they want according to Islam. So Iqbal took the initiative and he was developing peoples with his poetry with his philosophy and by spreading the knowledge. Khutba AlaIbad is very famous meeting which were owners by Iqbal.  He wrote many books in Urdu and Persian now a day’s many universes from all over the world teaching to student about Iqbal Philosophy.

 3-Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Doctor Abdul Qadeer Khan also known as Dr.A.Q Khan. He is very important hero and personality of Pakistan who make Pakistan Very proud in the world in respect of Atomic Science. Due to his hard work knowledge passion Pakistan become the First Atomic Islamic country in all over the world. He is nuclear atomic scientist and metallurgical engineer.

4-NawabZada Liaqat Ali khan

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Nawabzada Liaqat Ali khan! He was the lawyer, politician, and importantly he is one of leading founding father of modern Pakistan. He born in Oct.1.1895 at Karnal Punjab India. He entered in politics in 1923 and joined Muslim League and with passion and trust he become very close to Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Liaqat Ali khan also did struggle with Jinnah during Movement of Pakistan and later he becomes first Prime Minster of Pakistan.

5-Dr.Samar Mubarak

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Dar.Samar Mubarak ! With his struggle with Dr. A.Q. Khan Pakistan become the Nuclear Atomic Power in the world . He was the person who was leading the team in may 28 1998. The credit of Shaheen Missiles also goes to him and his team of scientists. He also conferred with Sitara-i-Imtiyaz and Hilal-i-iImtiyaz by the Government of Pakistan for his excellent contribution.

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6-Fatima Jinnah

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Fatima Jinnah! Sister of all time great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah who is father of Pakistani nation. Fatima Jinnah Born in Karachi on 30th July 1893. She was very close to Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. She was involved in politics with his brother for Pakistani people her struggle was lesson and example for us how she always support his brother in every part of life. When all India Muslim league was organized that time she become the member of working committee of Mumbai Muslim league. Fatima Jinnah also knew as Madara –e- Millat or mother of nation. Her name and her personality is also very important in leaders of Pakistan.

7-Abdul Sattar Edhi

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Abdul Sattar Edhi! The name of Humanity, Love, Peace, Calm, Angel in Human face who was the founder of Edhi Foundation which runs the  world largest volunteer ambulance network along with homeless shelters across all over the Pakistan. He was very great and important personality of Pakistan. His life is great example for humanity. Several time Edhi was nominated for noble peace prize also received several awards like Gandhi Peace award and UNESCO-Madanjeet singh Prize.

8-Dr. Abdus Salam

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Abdus Salam! Was born in Jhang, a small town in British india which is now in Pakistan. His father was working in department of education in a poor farming district . His family had a long tradition of piety and learning. Since his childhood he was very intelligent student. He passed his matriculation in high remarks and with scholarship he studied in Government college Lahore and university of Punjab. Later with high study he was great in Electroweak Theory, Goldstone boson, Grand Mechanism, Magnetic Photon and many more… His contribution in Pakistan is very meaningful he was awarded many awards from all over the world.

9-Imran Khan

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Imran Khan! Khan one name! One man Army in Pakistani cricket, One man army now a days in Politics of Pakistan he is very important part of Pakistan people. With his lot of hard work and passions Pakistan become the world cup champion in 1992.He is very popular and important personality of Pakistan now he is in politics and chairman of Pakistan Tahrik e Insaf. In Mecial and education sector he already works like in Shuakt Khanam Hospital and Numal Univeristy.

10-Mahbub ul Haq

Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan

Mahbub Ul Haq! He is most important part of Pakistani People and nation of Pakistan. He was Pakistani Game Theorist, Economist and an International development theorist and also he served as the 13th Finance Minister of Pakistan (1985-1988). He worked in Planning commission ministry of finance, UN Development program World Bank, University of Karachi Statistics Division. His contributions in game Theory, Human Development Index, Human Development Report and Human Development Philosophy make Pakistan People proud.

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Top 10 important personalities of Pakistan
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