Top 10 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

Top 10 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

In every era of life everyone is looking for better opportunity to work and support their life and family. But if you fund better job in any company after some time due to many reason everyone will frustrated and will quit the job. If anyone thinking to quit the job but not sure they are taking right decision or what. In this article we tried to show you Top 10 reasons to quit your job. It can be varying from person to person thinking but mostly some points will be same as per research.

Top 10 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job

Below we you will 10 reasons why peoples are leaving their current jobs.

1-You Found a New Job.

Obviously, the finest reason to give for quitting a job is that you’ve found a new one. Before you quit your job, though, make sure that you have covered all the bases, including having a confirmed job offer and a cleaned-out computer and office before you quit

2-You Hate Your Job.

Some peoples due to some reason, start hating their jobs this one is the second reason to quit the job. But don’t quit your job right away, even if you hate it. It’s better to strategically plan your departure so you are leaving on your positions and you’re not clambering to find another job.


A reason that can get you off the “bad employee who quit” knob is illness. Either pers +onal or family illnesses are genuine reasons to quit a job, and sometimes a sudden illness can be an excuse to leave a position. If it’s a genuine reason to quit (i.e., you or someone in your family is constantly ill), make sure that you have continued health insurance coverage after you leave. Also be aware that you may be eligible for Family and Medical Leave due to personal or family illness.

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4-Difficult Work Environment.

Some theory says this reason make sense to many people’s mind mostly peoples quit their jobs due to difficult work environment. Co-workers, bosses, and a negative office environment can all make your job difficult. In fact, they can make your workplace somewhere you simply don’t want to be. Once you have tried every option, you may need to make a decision to leave. Here’s how to decide when to leave a difficult workplace and how to move on.

5-Schedules and Hours.

When you lose childcare or your work schedule is changed and it’s difficult for you to adjust, you may need to quit your job and look for one that is more accommodating to your personal schedule. Leaving a job because of scheduling issues is a genuine reason for quitting a job.

6-Going Back to School.

Going back to school, either on a part-time or full-time basis, can require a job change. Given your school schedule, your current employment may no longer be a fit.

7-Career Change.

I know some people who have quit a professional job because they want to do something different or they don’t want to deal with stress or travel any longer. Whether you want to move up or down the career ladder, a decision to change careers can make good sense if you’re looking to do something different.


Many peoples are dependent to family as well most probably whole family is relocating themselves that is the one more reason to quite the job. When you move, of course, you have to quit your job unless there are opportunities to relocate with the company. If you are interested in keeping your job when you move, check to see if relocation or working remotely is an option. You can always ask your boss if homeworking is an option.

9-You Got a Permanent Position.

If you’re working as a temp or at a part-time job and want to move on, one of the best reasons to give for quitting is that you have found a permanent full-time position.

10-What Your Gut Tells You.

One of the best mentors I ever had used to tell me that the best way to make decisions was to listen to your gut. He said it worked with hiring, with deciding to accept a job, or deciding to quit a job. He was right. If your gut is telling you to quit, listen to it. Here’s how to resign with class.

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