Top 10 Celebrities Who Narrowly Escaped Death

Celebrities are also like normal peoples and they staying normal life as well. Many miss-conception are there about the living standard of celebrities. They also suffer from sickness, difficulties in real life, making decision in life, to maintain relations with family and friends and many more.  Strange things may happen with celebrities as well like in this below article you will see how celebrities narrowly escaped form death but unfortunately  we lost some of them later.

Celebrities Who Narrowly Escaped Death

1-Elvis Presley

Top 10 Celebrities Who Narrowly Escaped Death

Very lucky family of Elvis Presley. In 1936 due to Tornadoes  in Georgia and Mississippi killed more then 400 people in residential area and more then 200 people lose their home land due to Tornadoes. In Mississippi many bodies found in gum pond. At that time Elvis Presley was one year old and he survived with family but on in 1977 this famous celebrity died.

2-John Lydon

Top 10 Celebrities Who Narrowly Escaped Death

In 1988 John Lydon missed his flight from London to New York due to some reason. Sometime when anyone miss the flight they feel bad. But he was lucky person why because missing flight save his life from bomb because in that flight incident happen and everyone who was boarding lose their life.

3-Fats Domino

Top 10 Celebrities Who Narrowly Escaped Death

The amazing US piano player who had many record in his journey of life. He bragged more then 35 record in music industry. In 2005, in his 77 year age he was thinking to ride out Hurricane Katrina in his homeland and that time he was sick as well but his family told him stay with him. Then they saw the news flood came in in his homeland but that time his family insist him to stay with them he didn’t allow to go to his homeland due to that he save his life due to flood his homeland area was hit by Flood and many people lose their many things.

4-Nate Berkus

Nate Berkus is an American interior designer who had normal portions on The Oprah Winfrey Show.In 2004, Nate and his accomplice Fernando Bengoechea were at a famous shoreline resort in Sri Lanka. The scandalous tidal wave overwhelmed them, and before they knew it, they were both sticking to an utility pole. The two men hung on through the most exceedingly bad of it, and Nate thought they would both endure. Simply at that point, Fernando was cleared away. It was the last time Nate at any point saw him. Nate wedded Jeremiah Brent in 2014. The couple keep pictures of Fernando in their home and are resolved to keep his memory alive, particularly for their little girl, Poppy.

5-Drew Barrymore

In February 2001, Drew Barrymore and her then-life partner Tom Green woke up to their puppy Flossie snarling, yelping, and pawing at their room entryway. When they went to examine why the puppy was so disturbed, they discovered their home immersed on fire. Both stories of the house, arranged in a ravine outside of Beverly Hills, were rapidly overwhelm with flame. Fortunately, the couple and their pooch got away unharmed.It took more than 50 firefighters to bring the blast under control, however at that point, there was nothing left of the once in the past delightful chateau. A reason for the fire was not completely settled. The couple wound up being hitched for just nine months before getting separated in December 2001.

6-Elizabeth Taylor & Kirk Douglas

Mike Todd was a film and theater maker, maybe better known for being spouse number three to Elizabeth Taylor. He was likewise the main spouse she didn’t separate, in spite of the fact that the purpose behind that is an extremely tragic one.  In 1958, a year after the wedding, Mike, screenwriter Art Cohn, and the pilot and copilot of Mike’s private plane Lucky Liz embraced an outing to New York. Mike was to acknowledge a honor from the New York Friars Club. Elizabeth asked to go along with him, however Mike won’t, needing his significant other to remain home since she had a terrible cool. A couple of hours before they were because of take off, Mike attempted unsuccessfully to persuade his companion Kirk Douglas to go along with him on the flight, notwithstanding kidding that he wouldn’t let the plane crash. Shockingly, that is precisely what happened. Subsequent to torment motor disappointment, the plane went down in New Mexico, slaughtering every one of the four men. Had Elizabeth Taylor and Kirk Douglas been on board, they, as well, would have lost their lives. Douglas is still with us at the fabulous seniority of 100, while Taylor passed away in 2011 at 79 years old.

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7-Michael J. Fox

It was nothing unexpected after the accomplishment of the first Back to the Future film, a continuation would be made. And after that another. It was amid the taping of the third portion that disaster practically stuck its star, Michael J. Fox.
He was taping a scene in which his character gets hanged. For the initial couple of shots of the scene, Fox was remaining on a crate with a rope around his neck. They were taping just the top portion of his body, however Fox couldn’t persuade his response to be sufficiently legitimate to his own loving. So he chose to attempt the scene without the assistance of the crate. It went fine until his third take a stab at, amid which a slip of the hand made the rope fix around his neck, removing his carotid vein. He was oblivious for a decent couple of seconds, swinging from the rope, before the chief acknowledged something wasn’t right. Fox was determined to have Parkinson’s a year after the motion picture’s discharge

8-Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is an extremely well known performer, with most fans concurring that he truly made his mark assuming the part of Deadpool. Be that as it may, we practically didn’t have any Ryan motion pictures at all.At 17 years old, Ryan chosen to go skydiving. Amid his plunge to the ground, he pulled the string, however the parachute wouldn’t open. Freezing, he pulled once more—yet at the same time nothing. He recollected that the hold chute could spare his life, yet in his frightened state, he couldn’t force himself to dispatch it, persuaded it wouldn’t work, either, and that he was falling definitely to his passing. Fortunately, he got himself together and pulled the save chute line. The chute opened, helping Ryan to arrive securely. Not long after this, his educator lost his life amid a jump that turned out badly. Ryan never backpedaled to skydiving.

9-Jet Li

Nate Berkus wasn’t the main big name gotten up to speed in the Indian Ocean tidal wave in 2004. Fly Li was traveling in the Maldives with his family when the tsunami hit.Recalling his dread amid a meeting, he recollected how rapidly he needed to snatch his little girls and draw their caretaker along, at the same time fleeing from the goliath waves.When he’d moved just several means, the water was up to his midsection, yet he simply continued running. Everything was cleared away around them, with the water in the long run achieving Li’s face. Luckily, Li and his family made it back to their lodging, where they put on life coats while propping for much greater waves to hit the island. Out of appreciation forever, immaculate sympathy, and distress for the casualties, the motion picture star gave more than $150,000 to the alleviation subsidize set up after the catastrophe.

10-George Clooney

Amid the taping of the 2005 motion picture Syriana, George Clooney hit his head in the wake of falling over amid a scene in which he was fixing to a seat. A short time later, he encountered unpleasant cerebral pains, consistent torment, and memory misfortune. Specialists attempted to analyze precisely what his wounds were. Clooney couldn’t take painkillers, either, inspired by a paranoid fear of falling into dependence like a large number of his relatives. Simply after very nearly a year did a neurologist distinguish the reason for Clooney’s ceaseless agony. He had torn his dura mater, the peripheral meningeal layer around the mind and spinal string, bringing about cerebrum damage. Thinking back on the shocking knowledge, Clooney thought about suicide since he just couldn’t manage the torment. In that same year, he additionally lost two relatives and a dearest canine. Fortunately, a series of operations took care of the splitting headaches and other physical pain. In June 2017, George and his wife Amal became the proud parents of twins, Alexander and Ella.

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