Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

Love, Emotions, Feelings, Sharing lives, Trust, Believe, Relationship are key of best life. In any place of world, any country, any city, anywhere love is very important part of every nation. Love has long history this world created by God for his love. Now this is our duty to spread love and treat people with love and respect   because everyone deserve such feelings either share your love with parents, friends, sibling or your love with your loving partner. Just spread the love in this world because possible with your love someone is living their life. In this world everywhere there are lots of beautiful and romantic places but now In this article we tried to share the Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe.

Romantic Getaways Europe

If you thinking to bring your loving partner for honeymoon or for trip then why you don’t try to go Romantic Getaways Europe. There is lots of romantic destination in Europe as you can see below list.

10-Santorini, Greece

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe
An astoundingly beautiful sunset in Oia Santorini, one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Santorini, the beautiful God gifted island is located at southern Aegean Sea. One famous thing from this area is if any anyone went their he/she will not leave the location until they saw the sunset. Santorini is one of the romantic places in Europe which is having lot of wonderful beaches and spots.

9-Hallstatt, Austria

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe
View of Hallstatt village with lake and Alps behind, Austria

One of the romantic places in Europe is Hallstatt located in Austria. This place was declared by UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.  It’s a village of mountain which is ideal place to enjoy the romantic moments.

8-Giethoorn, Netherlands

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

Giethoorn is a village at Dutch providence of Overijssel is also known as Little Venice. Interesting thing about this place is there were no roads only a cycling path was there although all transport was done in water by covering many canals.

7-Salzburg Austria

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

One more Romantic place in Europe is Salzburg which is famous due to birthplace of Mozart. Also UNESCO declared this place as world heritage in 1996. You will find music in their culture people from this place are loving, caring and honorable.

6-Verona Italy

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

The wonderful romantic place in Europe is Verona it’s also famous due to story of Romeo and Juliet  so you can say its most romantic getaways in Europe  also the most beautiful romantic place in Italy. If you visit this place don’t forget to visit Juliet house because you will see the loving entrance

5. Carcassonne, France

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

The most dramatic romantic place which is declared by UNESCO a world heritage Site. This place is very famous for its architecture which is unique in Europe. It’s located in South of France

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4-Venice Italy

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

The most romantic and loving place is Vince in Italy also known as love of capital or city of love. You will found many canals all over the city also you will enjoy the romantic gondola rides with loving songs. One more famous thing is the sunset at the bridge of Rialto.

3. Praga, Czech Republic

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

Praga, The wonderful romantic getaways of Europe which is capital of Czech Republic, one of the most interesting options for visit. once you enter its streets, you have the sensation of being inside a fairy tale. Any part of the city has something to admire, in spite of being a small city you will be surprised by the amount of monuments, buildings and places that there are to visit and to photograph.

 2. Bruges, Belgium

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

Bruges is most romantic city of Belgium. It’s a special and interesting point and place for lovers (you can say this is lover’s spots). Lovers are enjoying their canals, Horse riding and many delicious restaurants in Bruges

 1. Paris, France

Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe

All over the world people knows the most romantic and loving place in the world is Paris. People are dying to visit Paris once in a life.  Paris is most romantic Place all around the world. The most popular place in getaways of Europe.

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Top 10 Best Romantic Places in Europe
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