Top 10 Best Angelina Jolie movies

If anyone looking for beauty stunning gorgeous female actress in the world defiantly one name will always come to mind and that is Angelina Jolie. The most famous beautiful, stunning, hot and gorgeous lady in the film industry. She is the highest paid female actress in Hollywood. She owned three Golden Globe awards two academy awards for best actress and three Screen actors Guild awards. Angelina jolie was Born on june 4th of 1975 she is the daughter of John Voight. In this article I tried to share Top 10 Best Angelina Jolie Movies.

List of Top 10 Best Angelina Jolie Movies.


The Salt is base on Russia and United States Supremacy and all people from the world know about the issues between both powerful countries. Same issue they showed in Salt what actually happening in both countries agencies how they treating the agencies people and how both countries trying to save their country strength and dignity. Salt is very interesting and thrilling movie of Angelina.

9-Gone in Sixty Seconds

If you see Angelina movies mostly are action oriented movies and involve advance crime and grave.  Gone in Sixty Seconds is base on thief who steals the fifty cars with the help of his crew to save his brother life. Movie is directed by Dominic Sena. Angelina Jolie, Nicolas Cage and Giovanni Ribis are lead actors in the movie.

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GIA, The story of top leading fashion model called Gia. In this movie is you see model rise to the top of modeling and fashion industry to her childish death at a affectionate age. Gia, The touchy and emotional movie describe the life of someone who rises from simple beginning of girl to a top level of model. This movie directed by Michael Cristofer and acted by Faya Duna way, Angelina Joili and Recedes Ruehl.

7-Orignal Sin

The most dramatic, romantic and emotional movie. In daily life almost in every minute sin are done. But in this movie a lady who love and marry the rich man and runaway with everything what that person own in his life. This movie directed by Michael Cristofer and acted by Jack Thompson, Thomas Jane, Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie.

6-Mr & Mrs Smith

As we all knows the married couple always stays together in actual terms.  In this movie also couple leaving together even with bored by each other. Well they both surprise to each other because they hire the killer. They hire killer from two competing agencies person. What they will do ? This movie is directed by Doug Liman and acted by Brad Pitt, Adam Brody, Vince Vaugh and the Stunning Angelina Jolie.

5-Tomb Rider

Lara croft (Tomb Rider)! On base of video game Director Simon West make this outstanding movie which is acted by Job Voight, Lian Glen and off course Angelina Jolie.

4-The Tourist

The American tourist Frank who traveled to Italy he went there to change his broken heart mood not for fun or not went there to meet the family. Movie is directed by Florida Henckel Vone and acted by Angelina Joile, Johnny Depp, Timothy Dalton and Paul Bettany.


Changelling : Mother is finding her missing child and everyone pretending her missing child is imposter but she never lose hope of finding the child one day. Movie is directed by Clint Eastwood act by Angelina Jolie, Amy Ryan and Gattlin Griffith.

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2-The Bone Collector

Bone Collector is base on detective who is finding the killer. Killers are very common in horror and action movies but in this movie killer is killing people and collecting their bones. Due to that all people from city of New York is scarred. Movie is directed by  Denzel Washington, Queen Latifah, Michael Rooker and Angeina Jolie


Maleficent is a movie about curse and other scary practices. In this movie a fairy gets driven to install a curse on an infant princess. Movie is direct by Robert Stromberg and acted by Elle Fanning, Angelina Jolie, Lesley Manville and Sharlto Copley.


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