Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Nature has wonderful and amazing beauty in this world with many rare and amazing things. Its Sea, Rivers, Mountains, Wind, Rain and many more… In this article we tried to share Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World.

Amazing Rock Formation

10-The Golden Rock, Myanmar

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Golden Rock! It’s most amazing natural rock located in Myanmar Burma. The Kyaitiyo Pagoda stands on top of the rock and it’s a major pilgrimage site for Burmese Buddhists.  This rock is having Golden color due to pilgrims 100 years ago gold leaf was pasted on it and the most amazing thing about this place is that the rock seems to defy gravity and be about to fall.

9-Stone Tree, Bolivia

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Stone Tree! It’s a rock formation tree which is located in Bolivia which is called natural monument.

It’s about 7 meter high and its unusual tree shape is due to the erosion during millions of years ago.

8-Mushroom rocks, Egypt

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

In Egypt Nature gave them many Natural monuments Mushroom Rock is also one of them. Mushroom Rock is one of the most wonderful and rarest rocks in the world.

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7. Delicate Arch, USA

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Delicate Arch is most wonderful natural arch which is located in Arches National Park Utah. It’s 6 Meters high which is the most representative symbol of Utah.

6-The Wave, USA

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

One of the most amazing natural waves which is formatted with sandstone rocks located in Arziona.  Actually it was set of dunes but with the passage of time its transformed into solid rock.

5-Ayers Rock, Australia

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Uluru or Ayers Rock is known as the sacred rock of Australia. It’s a 348 m high sandstone formation, declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it has become place of pilgrimage of the local native inhabitants over the years.

4-Split Apple Rock, New Zealand

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Split Apple Rock! Located in south island in New Zealand and famous because of amazing split apple shape.

3-Ko Tapu Island, Thailand

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Ko Tapu Island! It’s a wonderful sandstone monolith which is about 20 meters high, located in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand. It’s Also known as James Bond Island because in 1974 this island appeared in James Bond’s Movie “The Man with The Golden Gun”.

2-The Pinnacles, Australia

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

 The Pinnacles! Wonderful limestone formations located in Nambung National Park Western Australia. The rocks are formed of limestone and bases of sandstone

1-Perce Rock, Canada

Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World

Perce Rock is one of the world’s largest natural arches located in water and a major tourist attraction in Quebec. It is a beautiful heap of limestone about 433 meters long and 88 meters high.

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Top 10 Amazing Rocks in the World
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