Interesting Facts That You Probably Did Not Know About Nawaz Sharif

Interesting Facts That You Probably Did Not Know About Nawaz Sharif

Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the most prominent politician and a famous business tycoon of Pakistan. He had served three times as a prime minister of Pakistan and the chief minister of Punjab from 1985 to 1990.

Nawaz Sharif Background

  • Born into a Kashmiri family of industrialists in Lahore on December 25, 1949, Sharif studied law at Punjab University and worked in the family business before going into politics in the Pakistan Muslim League (PML). Joining the Punjab cabinet as finance minister in 1981, he became its chief minister in 1985.
  • Prime minister for two terms in the 1990s, Sharif was overthrown by the army chief he appointed, General Pervez Musharraf, in 1999. The bloodless ousting was Pakistan’s fourth military coup since independence in 1947.
  • After the coup, Sharif was convicted of graft and banned from politics, and given a life sentence for hijacking. Allowed to go into exile in Saudi Arabia in 2000, amid reports of a deal between his family and Musharraf’s military government, he was given a presidential pardon the day his family left.
  • Sharif was arrested and deported to Saudi Arabia on September 10 this year, hours after arriving home vowing to end Musharraf’s rule. Pakistan’s top court had earlier ruled that Sharif and his brother were free to return. During his exile he had repeatedly vowed to return to Pakistan although Musharraf said Sharif and his brother were exiled for 10 years.
  • The first industrialist to rule Pakistan, Sharif tried to reverse socialist policies and open up the economy. In 1991, he was embroiled in controversy after trying to make Islamic sharia law the supreme law of Pakistan. In May 1998 he oversaw the country’s first nuclear tests.

Some Interesting Facts About Nawaz Sharif

1-Chairman of the most corrupted political party in 2017:(Source of info)

Fox News published an article about the top 10 most corrupt political parties in the world 2017. And guess what? Nawaz Sharif is considered as the chairman of the most corrupt political party, which is the PML-N because there are a number of cases of corruption filed against the members of the party including the chairman.

Nawaz Sharif was disqualified as the prime minister of Pakistan for the third time, somewhat ending his glorious but scandalous career as a politician and a public office holder.

2-Confession about Nawaz Sharif by a foreign journalist:(Source of info)

Well-known author and foreign journalist Kim Barker claimed in her book “the Taliban shuffle” that during an interview with KERA radio, Nawaz Sharif offered her to become his special friend. She also claimed that Nawaz Sharif offered her an iPhone so that they could talk without the security services eavesdropping on them.

3-Friendship Turns Into Rivalry:(Source of info)

There was a time when two political rivals used to be friends when Pakistan became the cricket champions under the captaincy of Imran Khan. Nawaz Sharif invited Imran Khan in politics and offered him to join PML-N but Imran Khan refused this offer by saying that “I am not going to join politics, people have their limitations. I am not cut out for politics”.

4-Cricket Enthusiast:(Source of info)

Nawaz Sharif has a lot of love for cricket. He was a decent opening batsman. Ramiz Raja confessed that Nawaz Sharif played for the same club as he did. Nawaz Sharif also played with the world leaders in October 1991 during the Commonwealth head of government meeting (CHOGM) where Nawaz Sharif was the highest scorer. Recently, he also gave PKR 10 million to each player of the winning champions trophy team.

5-Shy And A Quiet Student: (Source of info)

Nawaz Sharif was very shy and a quiet student in his school days. We can imagine the level of his shyness as he never spoke in class and did not answer the questions of his teacher, even after knowing the answer.

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Interesting Facts That You Probably Did Not Know About Nawaz Sharif
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