History of Pakistan Resolution

Islamic republic Pakistan! World was surprise when Pakistan appear in the world map. There were lots of reasons for Muslim people of subcontinent of Hindustan (British Indian Empire).  British rules have long history in this continent (British Indian Empire) People of this empire were looking for freedom from British. Many movements, many leaders, many people’s from this subcontinent make much struggle for freedom.

Movement was started long back you can say since 1857 it started by Sir Sayd Ahmad Khan who start awareness in Muslims for education and English because that time British peoples were having trust only on Hindus and they were only giving chances to Hindus in many sectors. Due to this discrimination TAHRIK of Separate country form Muslim started.

Later on many leaders from Hindustan including Muslims and Hindu start Movement for freedom with collaborative struggle. Many years Hindu and Muslim were doing struggle together for freedom but after passage of time many Muslim Leaders and movement peoples felt if we got freedom British then again they have to follow the same discrimination by Hindus and many incidents assured Muslims they will be in slave if they didn’t start movement for Muslim Separate country.

Movement of Pakistan (Separate Country for Muslims) started 1857 and Alhamdulillah on 23 march 1940 Resolution was passed and written in history Pakistan will become the country.


 Pakistan Resolution (Lahore Resolution)

The Lahore resolution (Qarardad-e-Lahore, Qaradad-E-Pakistan) also known as Pakistan Resolution was a political resolution or draft statement happen between 22 to 24 march 1940 by many members of all India Muslim league.In this Resolution things are define why we need to have separate country for Muslims.

Pakistan Resolution Working_Committee

Many things are define and explain the reason of Pakistan, Quaid –i-Azam Muhamamd Ali Jinnah address the members of all India Muslim League and said: Hindus and Muslim are both have different culture, Religion, Thinking, Way of leaving , customs and literature. Our civil, moral values are different from them. Even the history of Hindus and Muslims are entirely different. Both have different ambitious, Different role model, Different affairs many differences will make many problems between them in one state for leaving.

We need to a country where Muslims can follow the rules according to Islam what Allah and Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said. We need country where Muslims can follow their own customs culture celebration of Islamic Events like Ramadan, EID’s and many more. A big difference in both religion on EID Ul ADHA (Festival of Sacrifice) Muslim are following sunah of Hazrat Ibrahim and Muslims used boat and cow for sacrifice in this festival of Islam. But on other hand Hindus are worshiping the cow. Due to this many issue will happen if we leave in on state.

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Lahore Resolution 23 March 1940


Pakistan Resolution

The Resolution disclaims the concept of United India and suggested the formation of an independent Muslim state consisting of Punjab, N. W. F. P., Sindh and Baluchistan in the northwest, Bengal and Assam in the northeast. The Resolution was seconded by Maulana Zafar Ali Khan from Punjab, Sardar Aurangzeb from the N. W. F. P., Sir Abdullah Haroon from Sindh, and Qazi Esa from Baluchistan, along with many others. After this resolution Muslims of India changed their mind and their goals. Instead of leaving in one state with Hindu community, they found the new destination and that was the separate country for Muslims


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History of Pakistan Resolution
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