Dubai Salary and Pay Scale

If you looking for job in Dubai then you should know the salary as per the nature of job and scale this below article will let you know exactly. Dubai job and salary depending on your qualifications and negotiation skills. Dubai has no minimum wage rates or standardized salaries, and salaries are usually similar to, or greater than those paid in western nations. Salaries also vary widely depending on nationalities, qualifications, experience, employee history and other random factors.

The UAE Federal Labour Law and the Emirate of Dubai does not have the provision for minimum wages, and your basic salary is what is a negotiated rate stipulated in your labor contract. The amount is important, as it is the basis of calculation for your end-of-service gratuity pay.

Dubai job and salary

Range of salaries for various jobs

There are a range of Jobs in Dubai that are much the same as in any city, but the range of incomes are larger than those otherwise familiar by expats for several reasons.

Manual labour type jobs are demanding and are poorly paid. Majority of workers in this type of employment are from the Asian subcontinent, particularly, India, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia. Labourers work for 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. Maids, nannies, gardeners, drivers, and security guards fall under this category. Minimum salaries of maids are set by their respective governments of the country they come from. It is, however, unclear, if these minimum pay scales are supported by labour law in UAE. At present it is, Bangladesh – Dh.750, India – Dh.1100, Indonesia – Dh.800, Philippines – Dh.1400, Sri Lanka – Dh.850.

Jobs in tourism and service sectors are poorly paid and are quite demanding. Majority of people working in these jobs come from Asia, particularly the Philippines. Some sectors, such as aircrew, have all nationalities represented, and working conditions and salaries are much better.

Receptionists and secretaries earn low wages for long hours of work, however, when upgraded to a Personal Assistant for the boss of a large company, salary gets more attractive, especially so if you are fluent in English and Arabic. In some cases, substantial salaries that are on par with other professionals are also possible.

For Middle Management, majority of the employed are usually Asians, particularly Indians, or expat Arab. The pay can be mediocre to reasonable, or even better for well-trained executives in large corporations.

Teaching jobs is one of the few professions that has a minimum wage of Dh.2000 per month, although it is not always adhered to. Teaching jobs and dubai salaries in English school having Western setup giving 5000 to 15000 AED. In Dubai Teaching job Salaries sometimes vary in the same school depending on the nationality of the teacher.

Architects, lawyers, accountants, pilots and such professions are represented by all nationalities, but the more reputable companies and higher level jobs usually require western trained personnel. Salaries range from poor to very good.

Doctors are of varied nationalities and are usually western-trained. Salaries are mediocre to good, depending on the hospital/clinic and nationality of the doctor.

Project Managers / Directors / Senior Management / CEOs and Managing Directors were able to command increasing salaries during 2006-08 period, but, when the building boom doomed in 2009, the equation reversed. Senior Management tends to be western or UAE nationals and these jobs are well-paid, but, are usually demanding.

CEOs and Managing Directors for large companies usually get paid well, but, even top level management for smaller companies get reasonably well-paid.

Table of average wage ranges in Dubai (based on job titles)

Job titles that have a smaller salary range are more likely to pay taking into consideration the qualifications and sometimes, the size of the company, and are less dependent on nationality. But, nationality may be a factor in determining whether or not a person actually gets hired for high paying jobs.

Job Title Monthly salary in AED (2015-16) (Dubai job and salary)
Accountant 3000 – 20,000
Airline Pilot (Captain) 30,000 – 50,000
Business Development Manager 10,000 – 35,000
Bar Manager 5000 – 25000
Cabin Crew 7000 – 14,000
Driver (Indian school) 1500 – 2500
Director 50,000 – 70,000
Engineer (civil) 10000 – 25,000
Engineer (mechanical) 10,000 – 25,000
Engineer (software) 10,000 – 20,833
Executive Assistant 15,000 – 25,000
Interior Designer 17,000 – 65,000
Kindergarten Supervisor (western) 12,000 – 20,000
Labourer 600 – 1,500
Maid, Nanny 700 – 3000
Marketing Manager 11,000 – 34,000
Nursery School Teacher 1000 – 10,000
Office Manager 8000 – 16,000
Operations Manager 13,300 – 42,500
Personal Assistant 2000 – 25000
Project Manager 12,000 – 75,000
Project Architect 20,000 – 30,000
Research Assistant 8000 – 12,000
Commercial sales 5000 – 25,000
Sales Assistant in shops 1500 – 2500
School Principal (Indian schools) 7,000 – 12,000
School Principal (International school) 25,000 – 45,000
Emirati Government School Teacher 24,000 – 34,000
University Teacher 5,000 – 30,000

Average salaries for various job sectors (Dubai job and salary)

The table below mentions average salaries (Dubai job and salary) for various job categories in Dubai. All salaries are in UAE Dirhams.

Job Category Average monthly salary
Admin / reception / secretarial Dh.7,992
Architecture Dh.25,000
Pharmaceutical / biotechnology Dh.6,833
Courier / delivery / drivers Dh.2550
Beauty / fitness Dh.8000
Media / Arts / Entertainment Dh.8500
Food / tourism/catering / hospitality Dh.8750
Purchasing and Inventory Dh.10,800
Customer care / call centre Dh.11,768
Fashion and apparel Dh.13,000
Public Relations Dh.13,700
Human Resources Dh.14,084
Accounting and Finance Dh.14,251
Sales Retail and Wholesale Dh.14,438
Teaching / Education Dh.14,671
Facilities / Maintenance / Repair Dh.15,000
Factory and Manufacturing Dh.16,000
Architecture Dh.16,410
Quality Control Dh.16,730
Engineering Dh.17,000
Marketing Dh.17,200
Insurance Dh.16,500
Information Technology Dh.18,000
Interior Design Dh.22,000
Printing and Publishing Dh.18,500
Business Planning Dh.19,400
Advertising / Event management Dh.19,600
Construction / Building Dh.20,600
Automotive Dh.23,500
Airlines / Aviation / Defense Dh.23,700
Banking Dh.24,000
Medical and Health Dh.27,101
Telecommunication Dh.28,800
Science Dh.29,000
Oil, gas, mining Dh.29,040
Legal Dh.30,250
Real Estate Sector Dh.31,668 / Dh.36, 235
Government, Defence Dh.54,000

Other employment benefits and pay package (Dubai job and salary)

A basic employment package in Dubai consists of several items which are mandated by law. Your employer must guarantee a return flight back to your homeland when employment has ceased. Your basic salary must be outlined in the contract and any gratuity pay must be discussed as well.

An annual paid leave of 21 days (for the first year) and 30 thereafter is appropriate. After the completion of your probationary period, medical insurance can either be supplied by the government or some companies employ private coverage. Here are basic items that the law mandates to be included in compensation package of the employee:

  • Basic Salary
  • 30-day annual paid leave (21 for the first year)
  • Medical Insurance (some companies offer private insurance coverage after probation)
  • Recruitment and visa-processing fee and associated costs
  • Gratuity Pay
  • Return flight to your home country at the end of your contract

In addition to these, there are a number of things that can be negotiated as well; they are:

Allowances for food, accommodations, transportation, furnishings (for your accommodations), vehicle, and cell (mobile) phones are issues that are NOT required, but can and should be discussed.

Also, any assistance with relocation costs, Annual return ticket reimbursement, Medical insurance – check if they supply private policies or whether you will be covered by the Government of Dubai need to be checked out.

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Gratuity in Dubai job and salary

Gratuity or end-of-service benefit is the equivalent of severance pay in other countries. It is the end-of-service benefit granted to employees who have successfully completed the term of contract under which they were hired. The fact that this gratuity pay is mandatory is yet another positive benefit of fulfilling your contract obligations. As there are no provisions for pension contributions for expatriate employees in the UAE, gratuity pay is mandatory. However, if you are terminated for good cause under Dubai law, your gratuity is no longer mandatory.

As with most things, there is a limit to how much gratuity pay you can receive in Dubai. It cannot be in excess of what would be the equivalent of your salary for 24 months. A gratuity is paid at the end of employment, depending on several factors. The gratuity also depends on the type of contract -fixed term ( limited) or unlimited, and under what circumstances you terminate your employment.

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