Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

The discussion on poverty in Africa is very strange. Africa is having lot of resources which may be able to develop with proper wealth, decrease the cause of poverty which is affecting them and still there is to much hunger, issue in medication, issue in education etc. There are many causes and questions: What are the causes of poverty in Africa? Why hunger in Africa?  Factors of poverty in Africa?

Africa is big Continent in the world: Needs the big change like, need to stand against corruption, need to stop personal interest and benefits of peoples in land resources, need to stop other countries involvements in their land and many more issues which are effecting the people of Africa and their land. In this article we tried to explain the main causes of poverty.

What are the causes of poverty in Africa?

1-Civil and Terrorism War

Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

It is very oblivious Civil war, Terrorism War, Economical War, War between countries will destroy the country’s economy , will Increase the leaving expense, will affect on infrastructure, will destroy the business structure, will destroy the agriculture, will increase the medication health issues, Most important will lose the confident by the other region of countries. And in Africa is same thing happening civil war and terrorism war. Due this Cause of poverty, Africa is not developing.

2- Corruption

Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

The second Cause of poverty in Africa is corruption. Even how All over the world know the resources in Africa: Nature gave them  many resources like Diamond, Gold and many other things due to all things many other countries having interest to take these all resources from Africa by using corrupt peoples. Arica is not poor but the poor managing Africa in very poor way.


Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

Education is main factor in everyone lives to improve the living standard, Strength of mind, Maintain the Dignity, To improve the Level of infrastructure, To improve the health issue and many more. You can say if nation is educated then only countries will become the superpower in every extent. But un-fortunately Education is the one of main cause in Africa due to that still Africa is poor why? Because there is no proper education system people are not aware about the power of education. And many people having financial issues so they can’t afford their family for such things even there are very less universities and colleges. It’s also a main reason behind that.


Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

One of the main Causes of poverty in Africa is health. Due to lake of education and resources many people are suffering with different kind of illness and having lot of health issues. Main issue is water now a days due to purity water issue Africans young and children’s are suffering borne disease.  Then many issue reported related to Aids as well many people from Africa having the Aids Disease which will people on death. There is no awareness for this; no prevention system and many more disease are affecting the nation of Africa

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5-Geographically UN-Stable

Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

Being placed in a geographically destitute location only call for inventive ideas to utilize the available resources to make living standard advance like well managed and developed countries.  Many African countries are suffering because they landlocked geographically .

South Sudan and republic of Congo are best example in Africa.

6-NGO Involvement

Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

Africa loses more to the west than it gains in aid. NGOs must challenge governments rather than congratulate them. According to Report by Martin Drewry UK base Journalist: See how he explain this NGO Factor

7-Poor Distribution of Wealth

Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa

According to natural resources in Africa: Africa is rich continent but unfortunately the management of resources is very poor. Peoples and material whatever they have are too much (Diamonds, salt, gold, iron, cobalt, uranium, copper, bauxite, silver, petroleum and cocoa bean and many more) Due to poor managing and corrupt peoples and government people of Africa are not utilizing what they have naturally. These are main Factors of poverty in Africa due to that Africa is still same like since many bundle of years.

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Causes and Factors of poverty in Africa
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